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Camping Gear List

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Many Boy Scout activities take place in the outdoors, and Troop 157 tries to camp once per month.  The troop has camping supplies such as tents and cooking ware, but many boys like to have their own gear.  Outdoor gear makes for great gifts for Scouts!

You can find camping gear at any outdoor store such as Bass Pro Shops, REI, Big Five, etc.  Target and Walmart also have camping sections.  Online retailers such as Amazon and Sierra Trading Post are also good resources.  Sierra Trading Post in particular has discounted camping gear - although their selection varies and it’s best to shop well in advance to find the great deals.

Always have your Scout pack his own gear!  If a well-meaning adult packs for the Scout, the Scout won’t be able to find what he needs without digging through everything.

Scout Basic Essentials

**All Scouts should take the Basic Essentials on every outdoor trip.  

Keep your Basic Essentials ready to go at all times.  It makes packing easier!




Only for Scouts with the Whittling Chip.  Keep your pocketknife in a safe place at home so that it doesn’t accidentally go to school in your pocket or backpack!

First-aid kit

Small travel kits are fine - the Troop carries a larger kit. Check your Webelos or Scout Guide for recommendations on what to put in an individual kit.

Extra Clothing

Sweater, extra socks, etc in case of an emergency that requires you to stay outdoors longer.  The Scout motto is Be Prepared!

Rain Gear

Surprise downpours aren’t fun!

Water bottle

For backcountry outings, carry a method to treat water.


Bring extra batteries.

Trail Food

Matches and Fire Starters

Only for Scouts with the Firem’n Chit

Sun Protection

Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

Map and Compass

Insect repellent


Personal Overnight Camping Gear

Check with the Troop before you buy to see what items we have available for Scout use.



Scout Basic Essentials

See above. It’s a good idea to keep these in a backpack that you keep ready for outings.

Clothing appropriate for the season

Extra socks and other personal articles are a must - campers should plan to sleep in clean socks every night.


Rain covers are optional, but a good idea.

Sleeping bag

Get a sleeping bag that is rated for low temperatures.  Fall, spring, and summer camping require a sleeping bag that is rated between 10 and 35 degrees.

Extra blanket / thermal underwear

Sleeping pad

Ground cloth / tarp to place under a tent


The troop has tents for use, although many Scouts like to use their own.  Keep it as light as possible - the family 6-man multi-room tent isn’t a good option for Scout camping!  1 or 2 man tents are best. Boys should be able to pitch their own tent (Webelos may do this with help from another boy), so the less complicated, the better!  When purchasing a tent, make sure it isn’t so tall that your Scout can’t reach the top when pitching the tent.

Mess Kit

Mess kits can be purchased or made at home - spoon/fork, plate, bowl, and cup in a mesh bag with a drawstring for hanging to dry.  DIY directions can be found here:

Cleanup Kit

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, comb, washcloth, towel, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc.

Plastic garbage bags

Plan to pack out your garbage - Boy Scouts Leave No Trace!

Personal Extras - Optional

Remember, Boy Scouts carry their own gear - keep your load light!



Small notebook

Pencil or Pen

Small musical instrument



Deck of Cards or other small game

Leave electronic devices at home except for a cell phone for emergency use only.

Anything else that you can’t do without, as long as it’s small and you can carry it!